12 Gauge Beretta 92

Franklin Armory is at it again. They have released a 12 gauge slide conversion for Beretta 92 style pistols. It’s really ugly. But like many other products out on the market lately, I find myself wanting it only because I actually could legally own it in my state. Stupid, arbitrary gun laws have created a market for manufacturers to sell weird guns to restricted consumers in California. Keep it up guys!

Image courtesy Franklin Armory.

From the website:

The Convert is single shot 12 gauge conversion designed for the Beretta or Taurus Model 92.  It installs as easily as the disassembly/reassembly of a standard slide on either of the two host firearms.

The convert is sold in two different models:  the AOW and the Flare Launcher.  Both models are legal in California!

The AOW model has a steel lined aluminum barrel and is designed to fire 12 gauge shotgun shells.  To transfer, Franklin Armory can ship the product directly to the SOT-licensed dealer on a tax exempt “Form 3.” The dealership will then transfer it to the end user on a “Form 4.”The Flare Launcher model has a polymer barrel and is designed to fire 12 gauge flares for signaling purposes only.  This model can be purchased through any of our dealers regardless of their SOT licensing.  If, after purchasing a Flare Launcher, the user would like to change it to the AOW model, they would need to fill out a Form 1 and send it in to the ATF with $200.  The ATF will process the paperwork and issue a “Stamp.” When the consumer shows Franklin Armory proof of the stamp, they can purchase an aluminum/steel barrel directly from the factory.

Franklin Armory is also currently developing an “under barrel” mount design that will allow the Convert to be attached to a picatinny rail to create a “master-key” style setup. This configuration is legal per the ATF:

“….the attachment of a registered AOW to a rifle would not, in any way, change the classification of the registered AOW or the host rifle.”

WARNING: Attempting to fire 12 gauge shotgun shells in the Flare Launcher model is not only extremely dangerous, it is also a felony.

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