Mossberg 500 Raptor Grip

Raptor Grip from Shockwave Technologies

Shockwave Technologies sells a Raptor Grip that uses a profile similar to the “witness protection” style of some Reminton AOWs. It is similar to the SpeedFeed grip, but is longer and thus has a different grip angle. Due to the size, it can be installed on a pistol grip Mossberg 500 with a 14″ barrel, and will effectively increase overall length to 26.5″.

Image courtesy Shockwave Technology.

The resulting firearm would not be a Short Barreled Shotgun (SBS), as it has never had a buttstock (and thus has never been a shotgun). And it isn’t an Any Other Weapon (AOW), as it is not concealable (26″ maximum length to be considered concealable). This means it does not need to be registered with the NFA.

This is more human ingenuity fighting the senseless and arbitrary restrictions of the NFA registry. Like the Franklin Armory XO-26 and the CBRPS Romanian Draco Pistol Stock, this weapon mimics the features of an NFA firearm without requiring the time consuming and costly registration process.

Credit: SayUncle.

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4 Responses to Mossberg 500 Raptor Grip

  1. So Don't Buy One says:

    I never understand people pissing all over everyone else’s parade. If you do not like something, it is as simple as you not buying it. If someone else does like it and it is legal, then leave them the hell alone. Buy what you want and leave others to their own business. It’s capitalism.

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  4. Cute. What’s it good for? Other than being a rule beater – until BATFE writes up a new regulation – and being first on the block to have one, what does it do?

    What makes a long gun ‘long’ in the sense of unwieldy (while making hostile entry, for instance) if the distance from the muzzle to the midpoint between the hands. Not from the grip to the butt. A long gun without a butt stock is merely harder to shoot accurately. Less accurately in either shooting bunnies out in the grasslands or defending the home from hostile intrusion.

    But it is cute. Sort of reminds me of the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol. Another cool looking gun with no serious use.

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