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Ballistic Face Mask

This is a must have item for every mall ninja tactical response kit: Ballistic Face Mask Level IIA. Ergonomically fit, the Level IIA Ballistic Face Mask has been designed to maximize comfort while providing total front facial protection. Additional padding … Continue reading

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$5,000 Reward for NJ Gun Buyback Legality Proof

First, churches team up with law enforcement to buy guns off the street: The newly formed P.A.C.T. (Police and Clergy Together) Gun Buyback Program is scheduled to take place this Saturday and the following Saturday, with seven city churches agreeing … Continue reading

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Boston Globe Editorial

I ran across a Boston Globe editorial today through Reddit. The piece took issue with Colt’s threat to leave New England if microstamping proposals were passed in the legislature. While firearms manufacturers have a right to lobby against this legislation … Continue reading

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More Mexican Narco Violence

From Yahoo! News: Masked gunmen killed at least 53 people at a casino in northern Mexico on Thursday, leaving it ablaze with patrons trapped inside in one of the worst attacks in a major Mexican city in years. Analysts and … Continue reading

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DTA HTI Sniper Rifle Chassis

This gun is badass. The Desert Tactical Arms (DTA) convertible, multi-caliber, extreme range Hard Target Interdiction (HTI) rifle is chambered in .375 Chey Tac, .408 Chey Tac, .416 Barrett, and .50 BMG. It is 12 pounds lighter and 12″ shorter … Continue reading

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DTA SRS Covert Sniper Rifle Chassis

The Desert Tactical Arms (DTA) SRS Covert Sniper Rifle takes the Stealth Recon Scout (SRS) concept and shortens it, leading to an overall length of 26″ (with a 16″ barrel). While only available in .308 Winchester, both the SRS Covert … Continue reading

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DTA SRS Sniper Rifle Chassis

Since I have a couple posts coming up about new products from Desert Tactical Arms, I felt their flagship Stealth Recon Scout (SRS) deserved mention (plus they have expanded the line to include new calibers). It is marketed as the … Continue reading

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The Gun Blog Black List

I am very honored to announce that I have been added to an elite squad known as The Gun Blog Black List. These are their stories.

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Grip Force Adapters

Grip Force LLC makes an accessory that attaches to the backstrap of a Glock frame. It provides for a small beavertail extension and a change in the factory Glock grip angle. The design gives operators a higher grip than factory, … Continue reading

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Ken Sanders Pranked, Hilarity Ensues

Should New Yorkers have handguns? This guy had to recognize that same voice over and over again… right? Well at least he was a good sport about it! Warning: language not suitable for younger viewers (and probably not safe for … Continue reading

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