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Jeremy Clarkson Is The Man, Piers Morgan Sucks, And Epic YouTube Comment

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Gun Buyback in Santa Clara County

Thanks to K for the tip.

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Joe Sirochman of American Spirit Arms

For reference, ASA is a New York Boycott participant.

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Custom Tactical Mini-14 Ranch Rifle (197 series)

I wanted to post some updated photos of my never-ending tactical Mini-14 project. I’ve owned the gun for a decade now, and it has undergone many transformations. The gun currently weighs 7.4 pounds, as shown (minus magazine and sling). I … Continue reading

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War Sport Industries LVOA Products

Here’s an interesting offering from War Sport Industries, LLC: The website says they sell complete ARs as well as upper receiver groups. LVOA stands for Low Visibility Operations Application, and it is touted as the solution to flash signature issues … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz On Gun Control

Thanks to Kyle for the tip.

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Weaver vs. Isosceles

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Costa M60

Chris Costa. M60. Enough said.

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9 things You Didn’t Know About the Second Amendment

This should be required reading for all California lawmakers: 1. The Second Amendment codifies a pre-existing right 2. The Second Amendment protects individual, not collective rights 3. Every citizen is the militia 4. Personal self-defense is the primary purpose of … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To The Los Gatos Town Council Regarding Templar Sports

I simply didn’t have the time to wait to speak at tonight’s local town council meeting regarding Templar Sports. Last night’s meeting lasted until midnight and not everyone was even able to speak. I have to say it was fairly … Continue reading

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