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Holy Smoke!

Holy Smoke LLC provides a unique cremation service. They will repurpose your cremated remains, and reload them into live ammunition. The website says it was started by two state law enforcement officers. The inspiration for the company: Several years ago … Continue reading

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New BCM Website

BCM Rifle Company is the new Bravo Company Manufacturing website. I quickly noticed Travis Haley is featured in videos on the site, credited as the founder and CEO of Haley Strategic. I’m glad to see Travis has quickly moved on … Continue reading

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Danziger Bridge Shootings

I briefly mentioned the Danziger Bridge shootings in reference to a post on gun confiscations after Hurricane Katrina. I was not aware that FRONTLINE (PBS), ProPublica, and the Times-Picayune had been collaboratively investigating the case as one part of a … Continue reading

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The 50/200 Yard Zero

I mentioned in my Official Front Sight Report (Part One) that the Front Sight curriculum encouraged us to zero our ARs with a 50-yard point of aim, point of impact. I only briefly mentioned why a 50/200 zero is useful … Continue reading

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CrossFit Shooting Drills

I have a decent number of friends that are full-blown CrossFit Kool-Aid drinkers, as well as CrossFit personal trainers. About a year ago, one of them showed me an interesting video featuring CrossFit exercises and shooting drills. That exercise/drill (video … Continue reading

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ATF Whistleblower Alleges Gun Control Agenda

Pajamas Media reports on the Gunwalker scaldal: Cefalu said the operation was never about actually arresting cartel members for arms trafficking, it was about headlines for the ATF and its upper echelons, more budget, more gun control, and more media … Continue reading

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ITW Releases FastMag Heavy and FastMag Pistol

I am a huge fan of ITW FastMags. I used them to carry my rifle magazines while attending Front Sight. They are available in MOLLE/P.A.L.S. (mounted up or down) and duty belt attachment styles, and can be stacked two deep. … Continue reading

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