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Arsenal of Military Weapons Found in Ciudad Juarez

Yahoo! News reports on a “hidden arsenal” located in the home of an undisclosed individual in Ciudad Juarez. The Mexican authorities discovered, three anti-aircraft guns, dozens of grenades, a grenade launcher, AK-47s and other high-powered weapons. The neatly ordered stockpile … Continue reading

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Zombie-Proof Home!

From All That Is Interesting…

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Call of the Dead

Greatest. Video game. Ever.

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Got a Mosin-Nagant?

AIM Surplus has Russian 1891/30 7.62 x 54R Mosin-Nagant rifles starting at $69.95! AIM offers both the round and hexagonal receivers. Buyers get a quality military surplus rifle for a price cheap enough to not to have to worry about … Continue reading

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Fully Automatic Pellet Gun

Air Ordnance offers a U.S. made belt fed .22 Caliber pnuematic pellet gun! The gun is based on a re-engineered Tippmann 98C, and it feeds .22 Caliber pellets up to 12 rounds/second at speeds around 600 feet/second! It costs $550 … Continue reading

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Mexico Looking to Sue U.S. Gun Manufacturers

The latest from CBS News: CBS News has learned that the Mexican Government has retained an American law firm to explore filing civil charges against U.S. gun manufacturers and distributors over the flood of guns crossing the border into Mexico. … Continue reading

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Military News

Two photographers killed in Libya, including the Oscar-nominated co-director of 2010’s Restrepo. British pilot lands the oldest Chinook in Britain’s fleet with a bullet in his head, saves chopper full of injured soldiers. Two British snipers kill 75 Taliban insurgents … Continue reading

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AZ Central Reports on ATF Scandal

The mainstream media is beginning to report on the ATF scandal we posted about earlier. It seems Senator Charles Grassley (R- Iowa) has written Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the failed “operation”. From the article: The e-mails released by Grassley … Continue reading

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KAC Inconel Triple Tap Muzzle Brake

Knight’s Armament Company is now shipping the Inconel Triple Tap Muzzle Brake in a black finish. Since it is legally considered a muzzle brake, it is legal in CA for featureless builds. Photos courtesy Valkyrie Tactical. Chris Costa (Magpul Dynamics) … Continue reading

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Sig Sauer 516 Patrol

From the Sig Sauer website: The Fulfilled Potential Of The AR-15/M16 One of the most tested and proven weapons systems in the world achieves ultimate refinement with the introduction of the SIG516 rifle. With its chrome-lined, nitride-finished, military grade barrel … Continue reading

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