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Vulcan Armament V18

Vulcan Armament offers an updated version of the AR-180 they call the V18. 1. A2 flash hider, ½-28TPI 2. 20” barrel, 1-7” twist, CHROME lined 3. Machined gas block front sight base, co witnesses with the M1913 Picatinny rail mounted … Continue reading

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Blackwater Video Game

Apparently there is a Blackwater video game, and the game uses Kinect, a motion sensing device that negates the need for a controller. There are more than 25 different Kinect “moves” available in the game. Players get to use “military … Continue reading

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Gun Laws that are FUBAR

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AOWs in California

I got into a discussion with my buddy yesterday about NFA weapons in California. He didn’t believe me when I said that AOWs are legal in California (with some restrictions). Calguns Foundation has a detailed page that discusses the legality … Continue reading

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John Stossel’s Illegal Everything

Stossel kills it, as always. Something about that man’s moustache and shit-eating grin always puts a smile on my face. Hopefully he will do a gun-themed episode in which he covers the stupidity of gun laws. There’s enough material to … Continue reading

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The Combat Lever Action Rifle

There is an interesting post on Warrior Talk News about “The Combat Lever Action Rifle”. Living in one of the most restrictive states in the US one is sometimes forced to get very creative to find effective defensive tools. For those … Continue reading

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Survival Docs

I can’t remember where I got this link, but it’s worth checking out:

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Clearing a Double Feed in an AR-15

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Hood Life

The unsafe gun handling practices, random acts of violence, and mob mentality are downright scary. I’m gonna stay away from Palm Beach, Florida. Credit: Everyday No Days Off.

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CA “Shall Issue” Petition Withdrawn

Front Sight has withdrawn its support of the California “shall issue” concealed carry petition it previously championed. During the meeting, Mr. Clark was convinced to allow the current Supreme Court bound cases including Richards v. Prieto and Peruta v. San … Continue reading

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