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Nutnfancy FN SLP Review

Nutnfancy just released an FN SLP review video and gave the gun very high marks. Since I own one and personally love the gun (my Dad owns one and loves it too), I thought I’d echo his sentiment. I have … Continue reading

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Gray State

This is an interesting looking trailer! I just read that almost half of all Americans support domestic surveillance drones. People are sheep. As a wise man once told me- Get yourself a gun and some training!

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U.S. Machine Gun Armory CA249

U. S. Machine Gun Armory is selling a CA-legal M249 semi-auto clone. The website doesn’t state explicitly, but I assume the only modification to the gun is to remove the pistol grip (and install a muzzle brake) to comply with … Continue reading

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Glock Ad


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The Party of Inclusion

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Muzzle Device Comparison

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