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Crossroads of the West Gun Show

Savethegun will be attending the Crossroads of the West Gun Show this year. Come by and see our storage containers and talk to the inventor himself! 12/06/13 – 12/08/13 Arizona State Fairgrounds, Phoenix, AZ Hope you stop by for this … Continue reading

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Yes, there has been a break in the action here at savethegun. There are a number of reasons as to why the posts have slowed down, but rest assured I will be back on the blog soon. Due to personal … Continue reading

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Feral Pig Eradication

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Change of Perspective

Cyde Weys, via The Firearm Blog, has inspired a change of narration perspective on savethegun. All further postings will be be in the first person narrative. I hope this helps to simplify the blog for readers!

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Armed in NY

The New York Times has an interesting article about firearms licensees in New York. The list of important license holders includes: Robert De Niro, Don Imus, Harvey Keitel, Donald Trump, Howard Stern, and Sean Hannity to name a few. Sadly, … Continue reading

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ATF Thuggery

Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea have finally started to break the news of “Project Gunwalker” into mainstream media. They are true patriots for fighting for truth and transparency in government. The “Gunwalker” scandal alleges: ATF management was allowing potentially hundreds … Continue reading

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AFL-CIO and Gun Control

The American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) has a long-standing history of lobbying for gun control. Many members have expressed concern that the group uses union dues to advance ideological political beliefs, as opposed to strictly … Continue reading

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Public Employee Unions and Gun Control

Howard Nemerov (Pajamas Media) has a very good article regarding public employee unions and gun control. According to Washington Post criteria, public sector unions have about 3.6 times more undue political influence than the NRA…how can it be right for … Continue reading

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Second Amendment Interpretation

The interpretation of the Second Amendment has changed drastically since 1791. The 2nd Amendment has frequently been interpreted to imply that only militias have a right to bear arms. Additionally, it has been said that militias are collective in nature … Continue reading

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Patricia Eddington FAIL

In this video New York Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington argues that .50 BMG rifles (referred to as “50 Caliber Terror” in their propaganda) shoot heat-seeking bullets. Wow. Hey Patricia, go ahead and send us some of that magical ammunition!

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