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Weaver vs. Isosceles

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Clearing and Removing the Slide from a 1911, M&P and Glock

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Krinkov History Program

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TrulyTactical SKS Modifications

TrulyTactical has an instructional DVD ($19.99) that details at-home gunsmithing techniques to modify the front end of your SKS. While some of the methods are fairly crude, it does offer some inspiration and cheap alternatives to modify your SKS. They … Continue reading

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Brass Over Bolt Malfunction

I stumbled across this thread about the “craziest failure I’ve ever seen”. It discusses a situation in which a round gets wedged between the upper receiver and gas tube of an AR-15. I realized quickly that I’d seen the … Continue reading

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AR Maintenance has a TON of useful information.

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The Combat Lever Action Rifle

There is an interesting post on Warrior Talk News about “The Combat Lever Action Rifle”. Living in one of the most restrictive states in the US one is sometimes forced to get very creative to find effective defensive tools. For those … Continue reading

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Clearing a Double Feed in an AR-15

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AK Instruction

Some pretty helpful videos for AK users: The LAV: One from Gabe Suarez: And another great introduction video in terms of AK quality and construction:

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Stadium Snipers

The “Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue” course sponsored by the Texas Tactical Police Officer Association (TTPOA) provides the country’s best police precision rifle shooters—the cream of the SWAT sniper crop—the training and practice to achieve this level of … Continue reading

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