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Long Term Storage Cache

For the last few months I’ve been developing a new long term storage cache. The idea began as a result of a lack of quality long term storage solutions for survivalists, gun collectors, preppers, outdoor enthusiasts, paranoid conspiracy theorists, hoarders, … Continue reading

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Red Jacket ZK-22 Bullpup Stock

It looks like Red Jacket will be selling the bullpup 10/22 stock they featured on the Sons of Guns Zombie Gun! episode. They are calling it the ZK-22. If you saw the episode, you probably saw this coming. For those that didn’t … Continue reading

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All Terrain Tiger Stripe Tru-Specs

There’s a new Tru-Spec camouflage pattern available: All Terrain Tiger Stripe. has a selection of All Terrain Tiger Stripe clothing.

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Blackwater Video Game

Apparently there is a Blackwater video game, and the game uses Kinect, a motion sensing device that negates the need for a controller. There are more than 25 different Kinect “moves” available in the game. Players get to use “military … Continue reading

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AK Instruction

Some pretty helpful videos for AK users: The LAV: One from Gabe Suarez: And another great introduction video in terms of AK quality and construction:

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Stadium Snipers

The “Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue” course sponsored by the Texas Tactical Police Officer Association (TTPOA) provides the country’s best police precision rifle shooters—the cream of the SWAT sniper crop—the training and practice to achieve this level of … Continue reading

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Tactical Machining Now Offering Hydrocoating

Tactical Machining, famous for 80% AR lower receivers and machining jigs, has entered the firearms finishing services market. The process (featured here) works great on sophisticated camouflage patterns that would otherwise be extremely difficult to spray on. They currently offer … Continue reading

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Bring Your Seat Cover to the Gun Fight!

I had an idea like four years ago- I wanted to upholster the door panels of my car with PALS webbing. The factory door panel contour is nice and flat, and there would be ample room to attach pouches, holsters, … Continue reading

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Ballistic Face Shield has a Level III-A ballistic face shield available that attaches to PASGT and MICH combat helmets for $290. From the FAQs section of the website: Is it legal for civilians to buy Body Armor? In general, yes – for … Continue reading

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Ballistic Face Mask

This is a must have item for every mall ninja tactical response kit: Ballistic Face Mask Level IIA. Ergonomically fit, the Level IIA Ballistic Face Mask has been designed to maximize comfort while providing total front facial protection. Additional padding … Continue reading

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