Early Bullet Button Hysteria

Interesting to see when this video was made- 2008. This must have been the first media push to scare the public about the evil bullet button. The second CBS story inspired some self-righteous asshole of a local politician to try and make little pieces of metal illegal. Sometimes I wonder how nice of a life these bureaucrats must have that all they have to do all day is regulate inanimate objects made by private American citizens for other private law-abiding American citizens. Must be nice. Meanwhile the rest of us are trying to find a job and begging our government to keep spending under control. The irony of the whole thing is that bullet buttons, in my opinion, effectively neuter a gun to make it legal to own. No criminal would ever buy one for any logical reason. Additionally, in a time of severe economic recession, this California Senator has taken it upon himself to attack a California made (and taxed) product that sells strictly to Californians- your government at work.


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