AOWs in California

I got into a discussion with my buddy yesterday about NFA weapons in California. He didn’t believe me when I said that AOWs are legal in California (with some restrictions). Calguns Foundation has a detailed page that discusses the legality of AOWs in CA, available here.

Does California allow possession of an AOW?
Yes. But it must be properly registered as AOW with a federal tax stamp.

OC Armory has an extensive selection of AOWs.

Serbu Super Shorty courtesy OC Armory.

MKE MP5K courtesy OC Armory.

Double-barrelled AOW courtesy OC Armory.

Saiga-12 AOW courtesy OC Armory.

Image courtesy Remington Defense.

And yes, the Taurus Judge can be had in California, albeit slightly modified. Ten Percent Firearms has them for $700.

Taurus Judge AOW courtesy Ten Percent Firearms.

I have wanted to purchase an AOW for some time now but I’m still kicking the NFA trust idea around (along with being undecided on exactly which AOW I want to buy first). I do like the Remington MCS/Breacher, although it is expensive. The Saiga-12 AOW has the benefit of boxed magazines (not limited by a short magazine tube). But a side-by-side or over/under AOW is also pretty damn badass. AOW thread for your viewing pleasure.

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