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War Sport Industries LVOA Products

Here’s an interesting offering from War Sport Industries, LLC: The website says they sell complete ARs as well as upper receiver groups. LVOA stands for Low Visibility Operations Application, and it is touted as the solution to flash signature issues … Continue reading

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Long Term Storage Cache

For the last few months I’ve been developing a new long term storage cache. The idea began as a result of a lack of quality long term storage solutions for survivalists, gun collectors, preppers, outdoor enthusiasts, paranoid conspiracy theorists, hoarders, … Continue reading

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Costa vs. Haley

Chris Costa and Travis Haley now both have signature rifles available to the public. In the red corner, Chris Costa and the Costa Edition 5.56: Costa’s offering is basically a La Rue Tactical PredatAR with an OBR barrel. Specifications: Caliber: … Continue reading

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Liberty Locked & Loaded

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Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun

I finished Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun, and I really enjoyed it. The book is structured as to follow a few central characters chronologically through their impact on the company and culture. I found Gaston Glock to be the … Continue reading

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First Annual Silencers Are Legal Shoot

Silencerco and the American Silencer Association is putting on the first annual Silencers Are Legal Shoot in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, April 28, 2012. This event promises to be one of the most exciting and educational live fire events of … Continue reading

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Sons of Guns Drama

Red Jacket Firearms founder Will Hayden has commented on Vincent Buckles’ leaving the company on his Facebook profile: For those that have questioned the continued technical inaccuracy, intentionally misleading language and editing, staged and scripted story, repeated safety offenses, and … Continue reading

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Petition for “Shall Issue” Concealed Carry in CA

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is starting a campaign to “secure ‘shall issue’ concealed carry for all Californians”. There have been rumors for weeks now that gun rights organizations have been collecting signatures, but this is the first I have … Continue reading

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Alton Brown is the Man

I’ve always been a fan of Good Eats. I like how Alton Brown details the history of the dishes he makes and the ingredients he uses, and his personality makes it much more interesting than the average cooking show. Yes, … Continue reading

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Sons of Guns Update

Since my last post about Red Jacket Firearms, I decided to look into the rumors and fact check the TMZ report. Well, it turns out that Vincent Buckles has left Red Jacket and has started his own company, Mesa Kinetic … Continue reading

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