Armed in NY

The New York Times has an interesting article about firearms licensees in New York. The list of important license holders includes: Robert De Niro, Don Imus, Harvey Keitel, Donald Trump, Howard Stern, and Sean Hannity to name a few. Sadly, in the article, Alexis Stewart had this to say about firearms ownership in America:

“I don’t believe people should be allowed to have guns in America,” Ms. Stewart, daughter of Martha, said in an interview, explaining that she bought a .357 Magnum after 9/11 — but would be happy to give it up if handguns were banned. “Having a swimming pool is way more dangerous than having a gun,” she added.

Too bad for all the average New Yorkers that don’t have the money or influence to obtain a carry permit! Here’s to hoping Alexis carries a Ruger SP101 (and she changes her opinion regarding guns in America). The original article can be read here:

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One Response to Armed in NY

  1. jshaffe says:

    “You talkin’ to ME!?” Hooray De Niro! Hooray SP101’s!

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