Archangel Sparta

It looks like the Archangel Sparta stock is finally starting to become available to consumers (it was introduced at SHOT Show 2011).

The Archangel Sparta stock will compete directly with Troy Industries, Tapco, ATI, and Sage International stocks already available.

Mini-14 MCS Upgrade Package courtesy Troy Industries.

Tapco Intrafuse Stock system courtesy Tapco.

Ruger Strikeforce Stock courtesy ATI.

SCAR Chassis courtesy Sage International.

The aftermarket has really come through with some interesting products for the Mini-14 in recent years. The magazine problem has been fixed by Tapco, and though there are many people having trouble finding the Gen II magazines online, it’s mostly because of product confusion.

TAPCO didn’t change their part number, packaging, or the UPC code on their Mini-14 magazines. The packaging doesn’t say “Gen 2″ anywhere and if you are buying these magazines online, there is no way to tell which ones you are going to get.

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