Bring Your Seat Cover to the Gun Fight!

Image courtesy Spartan Tactical Concepts LLC.

I had an idea like four years ago- I wanted to upholster the door panels of my car with PALS webbing. The factory door panel contour is nice and flat, and there would be ample room to attach pouches, holsters, and gear. I figured it would be perfect for attaching a blow out kit, first aid gear, and emergency supply pouches. Plus the nature of the attachment in the car allows gear and supplies to not only be quickly accessible, but also removable for first aid and casualty response.

Image courtesy Spartan Tactical Concepts LLC.

Spartan Tactical Concepts, LLC has taken my original idea to the next level: the Vehicle Modular Platform. Now, the newest must-have accessory on the battlefield is the tactical seat cover!

The Vehicle Modular Platform (patent pending) was originally designed with vehicle crews in mind. The problem was how to provide both a means to fight from a vehicle and also deploy or evacuate with extra mission essential equipment. The solution was the Vehicle Modular Platform (“VMP”).

The VMP is designed to strap onto the front or back of your vehicle seat, bulkhead or ATV for stowage of extra gear, ease access to extra medical supplies/ammo and prevent any loose gear from becoming secondary projectiles.  There are also weapon retention straps located on either side of the VMP to safely stow the primary or secondary weapons.  In the event the crew either has to evacuate or deploy from the vehicle, the VMP can be quickly detached from the seat, folded in half and carried as a “Go-Bag”.  It is also equipped with an integrated pack strap system that allows for easy hands free portage. In the event of a rotary-wing extraction, medivac, or link up, the VMP can be folded open and a built in VS-17 “high-vis” panel can be used for position signaling.

The VMP is U.S. made of 1000 Denier Cordura with ITW Nexus hardware.

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