Red Jacket ZK-22 Bullpup Stock

It looks like Red Jacket will be selling the bullpup 10/22 stock they featured on the Sons of Guns Zombie Gun! episode. They are calling it the ZK-22If you saw the episode, you probably saw this coming. For those that didn’t see it, it’s a bullpup 10/22 stock that resembles an FN P90. An 18.5″ barrel is required to avoid NFA registry, and it fits up to .920″ profile bull barrels. It works with all factory magazines and most aftermarket magazines, but it looks like factory 10-rounders may not protrude out of the stock far enough to be manipulated easily. For those in restricted states, this means blocking factory BX-25 25-round magazines (to comply with the law) would be better than using your factory BX-1 10-round magazine. The longer magazine body allows faster reload speeds and provides more control.

Easy install. No gunsmith needed. Install at home.

Provides rail system for mounting optics or other accessories.

Ambidextrous charging handle, Sling point mounts, safety and mag release.

Integral trigger safety.

Adjustable trigger interface to tune to your preference of triggers.

Shell deflector included allowing for full ambidextrous use.

Price is $300.

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