CrossFit Shooting Drills

I have a decent number of friends that are full-blown CrossFit Kool-Aid drinkers, as well as CrossFit personal trainers. About a year ago, one of them showed me an interesting video featuring CrossFit exercises and shooting drills. That exercise/drill (video made by a member of the U.S. military) was to improve shooting abilities under stress and physical exertion. It made sense to me at the time; physical exercises can be used in combination with shooting drills to improve accuracy under combat conditions.

The video was straightforward (unfortunately I can’t seem to find it)- the original poster documented himself doing an intense anaerobic cross-training exercise, then he transitioned to target shooting. The workout was separate from the shooting drills. He had to control his heart rate and breathing to produce quality marksmanship while nearly exhausted. Then I caught this CrossFit video (credit: here):

I think working out with loaded weapons is probably not a good idea. While exercising, proper form must always be maintained. But when fatigue sets in, muzzle discipline and gun safety can quickly become an issue. Plus, I’m just not sure I understand the point of doing inverted sit-ups with a loaded handgun (risk/reward ratio here). That being said, I think the shooters in the video are great. They display professional trigger discipline (plus the video clearly states that it was, “taped in a controlled environment with redundant safety checks and off camera spotters.”), and seem to shoot well (judging by the sound of the hits on the steel). And there’s no denying Rob Pincus looks badass doing one-armed kettlebell presses while firing and reloading with the other arm.

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