Nutnfancy FN SLP Review

FN SLP MK I courtesy FNH USA.

Nutnfancy just released an FN SLP review video and gave the gun very high marks. Since I own one and personally love the gun (my Dad owns one and loves it too), I thought I’d echo his sentiment. I have never had a single malfunction with it and it is an absolute pleasure to shoot! That being said, I went with a buddy to a range about a month ago- he wanted to break in his brand new Benelli M4, and I wanted to get a chance to shoot it. I brought along my FN SLP Mk I so he’d have something to compare his Benelli to.

Benelli M4 courtesy Security Arms.

My gun ran flawlessly. My buddy’s Benelli would not reliably feed low power target rounds. Period. Needless to say, it was a frustrating thing to see as my friend was really excited about his new purchase. A quick Google search taught me that it’s a common problem and there are many theories on how to fix it. In practical reality, it’s a non-issue as it will be used as a defensive shotgun and not a skeet shotgun. But, in Zombieland, I want my gun to shoot everything I feed it.

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