Fully Automatic Pellet Gun

Air Ordnance offers a U.S. made belt fed .22 Caliber pnuematic pellet gun! The gun is based on a re-engineered Tippmann 98C, and it feeds .22 Caliber pellets up to 12 rounds/second at speeds around 600 feet/second! It costs $550 and is fed from a 100 round belt/drum. It operates on CO2, nitrogen, and compressed air.

According to their Facebook page, “Airgun Regulations: Airguns are not subject to the US Gun Control Act of 1968 and many other firearm laws. There are little or no purchase or ownership problems in most areas. Buyer and user have the duty to obey all laws about the use and ownership of this airgun. It’s always a good idea to check with your police department for the local regulations.”

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