Guns Don’t Kill People. People Kill People.

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AR MR2 Magazine Release

I’m just going to put this out there without an explanation. Welcome to Kalifornia. The AR MR2 Magazine Release. It’s available through Amazon.

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Do I Need A Reason To Own or Buy A Gun?

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Great Speech!

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Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock


Somehow I missed this- there’s an Archangel stock for the Mosin Nagant. At $200, it’s over twice the price of a decent used gun, but it looks pretty cool, and allows for 5 and 10 round detachable magazines. I’ve covered the many options in a Mosin Nagant build, so maybe it’s time for me to take my own advice and pick one up while they’re still cheap.

Next generation, fully adjustable stock for most variations of the Mosin Nagant rifle. Drop-in fit no matter if your Mosin Nagant is Russian, Czech, Finnish, Chinese, or any other variation (PU Sniper will require some modification to attach original scope mount.)  Built entirely of lightweight, carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Impervious to weather, and will withstand all standard gun solvents and oils.  The Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock is tough as nails, and will deliver outstanding accuracy shot after shot, decade after decade. We have created a Q&A video on the bottom of this page that should answer many of the questions many of you may have.

AA9130 – $199.95
AA762R 01 – 5 (RD) Magazine – $19.95
AA762R 02 – 10 (RD) Magazine – $24.95

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Nutnfancy IWI Tavor Review

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The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law

I found this short video on YouTube from the movie An American Story.

Yes, that was Tom Sizemore, in 1992. The film follows the Battle of Athens, but really only at the end of the movie. The bulk is an interesting drama that follows some World War II veterans as they adjust to returning home. It’s worth seeing.

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15 Year Old Young Lady Leaves Maryland Anti Gun Politicians Speechless

Credit: Guns Save Lives.

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More gloriousness from Adam Kokesh. I wish he would have mentioned that police officers also carry these “ASSAULT GUNS!” If they are truly weapons of war, as Joe Biden claims, then there is no need for them to be carried by police officers:

“We believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets,” Biden said.

Police officers encounter the same dangers as citizens, on the same streets. Do the police carry these guns to slaughter people?

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Danny DeVito is Anti-Gun (Say it Ain’t So!)

I’m a huge fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’ve been watching since the original pilot debuted on FX (Charlie has cancer). I have every single season on DVD. I think it is one of the best shows on television.

That being said, while checking out troll foot picture tweets (you have to watch the show to understand), I found Danny DeVito’s senseless rants about guns:

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 2.53.52 PM

I hope I’m not bursting too many bubbles, but it looks like Danny DeVito is another hypocritical celebrity anti-gunner. He’s as disconnected to reality as all the other celebrity anti-rights zealots. It’s a sad day in my world.

DeVito’s character, Frank, has an entire page (on the show wiki) dedicated to the gun (Smith and Wesson Model 19 Snubnose, according to he carries on the show.


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