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AOWs in California

I got into a discussion with my buddy yesterday about NFA weapons in California. He didn’t believe me when I said that AOWs are legal in California (with some restrictions). Calguns Foundation has a detailed page that discusses the legality … Continue reading

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Midwest Industries SS-Series Handguards

Midwest Industries is introducing (available in two weeks) a modular AK handguard, and it looks promising. AR accessory manufacturers have been selling modular handguards for some time, so it makes sense that someone has adapted the concept to the Kalashnikov. … Continue reading

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50 Round .308 Drum Magazines

XS-Products, LLC sells 50 round drum magazines for a variety of .308 rifles. Applications include the HK91/G3, FAL (metric), M14/M1A, and AR-10 (SR-25). Additionally, their website lists Saiga .308, Galil .308, SCAR 17, FNAR, and possibly others in development. HKPARTS.NET … Continue reading

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Russian American Armory Saiga

From the Russian American Armory Website: THE SAIGA IS AN AUTOLOADING RIFLE with a hunting buttstock and fore end (plastic). The Saiga rifles are intended for hunting big and medium-sized game under different climatic conditions. The rifles are developed on … Continue reading

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