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Clearing a Double Feed in an AR-15

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Vickers Combat Applications Sling Story


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Vintage Ordnance FP-45 Liberator

The Heizer Defense DoubleTap got me thinking about the FP-45 Liberator, a gun that I’ve always been fascinated by. The FP-45 Liberator was a cheap single-shot pistol made during World War II. It was intended to be distributed in mass … Continue reading

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AK47 – The King of Guns

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AK Instruction

Some pretty helpful videos for AK users: The LAV: One from Gabe Suarez: And another great introduction video in terms of AK quality and construction:

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American Sniper, Chris Kyle

The Daily Mail is reporting the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, a sniper and all-around American badass. Here are a couple of his Facebook photos- he’s pictured below with a Mk 12 SPR. His book is available now and … Continue reading

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Travis Haley on the SCAR

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British Army Kit Evolution

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Whiskey Whiskey’s New Show

Whiskey Whiskey has a new show on Military Channel called Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World! The first episode covers the 1911 and premieres tomorrow (11/30/11) at 10:00PM. Previously host of Military Channel’s hit series Special Ops Mission, Wil Willis … Continue reading

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ACOG Comparison Chart and FAQ

The most comprehensive Trijicon ACOG comparison chart and FAQ I have ever seen (covers .223/5.56mm, .308/7.62mm, 6.8mm SPC, and .50 BMG).

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