O’Reilly is a Pinhead!

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5 Responses to O’Reilly is a Pinhead!

  1. Wayne Hawkins says:

    I’m not a huge fan of O’riely and he does have some of his facts wrong. But he does have a point in that the person buying 6K rounds shouod be looked at. People that shoot on a regular basis can and do go though a crapload of rounds. But a cursory check could tell if the purchaser is an avid shooter or perhaps a wouldbe terrorist.

    • savethegun says:

      I have to disagree, respectfully, Wayne. You see, when we arbitrarily decide some people “should be looked at”, we ignore the entire concept of inalienable rights. We also set ourselves down a dangerously slippery slope. To me, 6,000 is just a random number. It doesn’t have any relation to the tragedy that occurred. Furthermore, it would be very difficult to draft effective legislation- what do you do, ask bulk ammunition purchasers if they are mass murderers? Criminals tend to lie.

      • Wayne Hawkins says:

        Well, I certainly can’t fault your logic and writing efective and fair legislation would be very difficult to write. In fact, given the incompetance of our current legislators, it may even impossible. I do, however, believe that if reasonable people on both sides opened their minds to reason and compromise, something fair and effective could come out of it. I live in California and find the gun restrictions here very annoying. I even had to wait and extra ten days and pay an extra $35.00 because my drivers licence was out of date. But it didnt prevent Me from buying an AR. If a background check and a 10 day wait can reduce the number of guns in the hands of criminals or the mentally ill, then I think it is worth the inconvenience.

        • savethegun says:

          My only problem with background checks- even if they were 100% effective, it would only mean that criminals would get all their guns elsewhere. But you’re right, there may be some worth in that inconvenience. Unfortunately, 10 day waiting periods have shown to be 100% ineffective. I’m from California too, and to me it is just a wretched inconvenience (plus the DROS fees and “handgun certification” cards you mentioned suck!). If someone wants to kill you with a gun, they will wait 10 days (or already have one, borrow one, steal one, buy one on the black market, etc.). If they want to kill you right now, they’ll use whatever they can grab. As far as the mentally ill, that’s a tough one. Nobody wants potentially dangerous, crazy people roaming the streets with guns. I just worry it may become a slippery slope, as all humans are already potentially dangerous and potentially crazy- without any guns.

          • Wayne Hawkins says:

            First of all, I’d like to say how encouraging it is to hear some well thought out and intelligent thoughts on such a complicated and contraversial subject. I certainly don’t have an answer to the probem of guns getting into the hands of dangerous or mentally imballanced people but a dialog on the issue with people like youself is certainly the best way to start solving the problem. It may be that gun training and education is the most effective soltion. After all, when it comes to guns the only diferrence between a cop and the average person is that the police are (hopefully) well trained in the use and legal implications associated with the use of firearms.

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