TrulyTactical SKS Modifications

Image courtesy TrulyTactical.

TrulyTactical has an instructional DVD ($19.99) that details at-home gunsmithing techniques to modify the front end of your SKS. While some of the methods are fairly crude, it does offer some inspiration and cheap alternatives to modify your SKS.

They also offer a One-Stop-Shopping kit ($419) that includes everything to modify your SKS to TrulyTactical standards.

Image courtesy TrulyTactical.

The comprehensive kit includes:

* ONE “Modding your SKS” DVD
* ONE Copy of “Modding Your SKS – Volume 2 – The Front End”
* ONE TAPCO SKS Stock, your choice
* ONE SKS MagAdapter Gen3
* FOUR Tapco 20 rnd Normal Capacity mags already Modified to NON Duckbill, usually Black but we might substitute other colors Olive Drab or Dark earth
* ONE Black Tapco 5 rnd (pinned) Hunting mag w/ duckbill (already Modified to NON Duckbill)
* ONE TrulyTactical SKS Magazine Release black Parkerized
* ONE TAPCO Singlepoint Sling Adapter
* ONE Five Pack of 7.62×39 “dummy” Inert “Training” Rounds
* ONE bottle of Gunzilla
* ONE TrulyTactical IFF Velcro backed Patch
* ONE TrulyTactical Bumper Sticker
* TWO TrulyTactical Logo Stickers

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