Threat Dynamics Tactical Scenarios

This place looks way too cool. Hopefully I’ll be attending some classes relatively soon. I’ll provide a full review of the facilities and my experience when I do.

Threat Dynamics’ Tualatin, Oregon training facility is the only place in the world where civilians can experience cutting-edge threat response technology which, until now, was only available to law enforcement and the military.

Training or entertaining on a Scenario Card is great way to experience being in a real world threatening situation. We have two systems to choose from; the Threat Alley (Single Screen, 10′x 12′) or the Treat Arena (300 degrees, 5 10′x12′ screens all the way around you). All of our 200 scenarios are filmed in HD with real live actors (no CGI) in real world situations, and in many cases the scenarios are based on situations that really happened. For example: active shooters in schools, home invasions, and parking lot and convenience store robberies. Every scenario is branch-able based on what the trainee does and says- so yes the scenarios respond to verbals. Use of cover and concealment is recommended while going through the scenarios. Our scenarios do shoot back. This is done by the use of our Threat Fire belt (optional). The Threat Fire belt delivers a jolt of electricity to the trainee to simulate a wounding hit. The use of the belt adds many benefits to ones training that is not possible through any other system. Adding real stress and a consequence of pain to a situation heightens the realism and teaches the trainee to fight through the pain.  The use of the belt is recommended but not necessary to go through the scenarios.

Image courtesy Threat Dynamics.

Since participants do not use live ammunition, the costs are relatively affordable. If there was a location closer to me, I’d be there at least once a month!

VR100 (Threat Alley) Single-Screen Scenarios: 160 Scenarios to choose from

10 Scenarios = $35.00
20 Scenarios = $55.00
30 Scenarios = $75.00
IVR300 (Threat Arena) 300 Degree Screen Scenarios: 65 Scenarios to choose from

10 Scenarios = $50.00
20 Scenarios = $85.00

Many thanks to Jimmy for the tip!

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