The Combat Lever Action Rifle

Image courtesy Warrior Talk News.

There is an interesting post on Warrior Talk News about “The Combat Lever Action Rifle”.

Living in one of the most restrictive states in the US one is sometimes forced to get very creative to find effective defensive tools.
For those who are not familiar with California’s laws, centerfire autoloader rifles are highly restricted to the point where many police officers will err on the side of caution and take a rifle in for safe keeping if they are not sure whether or not it fall under California Assault Weapons Law.
That said, two years ago, I began looking at non-autoloading rifle platforms that will allow a quick rate of fire, handle fast and ambidextrous, have a good choice of effective calibers and hold a decent amount of ammunition. Gabriel Suarez’ work on the combat lever action rifle came to mind and I began researching this platform.

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