Heizer Defense DoubleTap

I’ve never been a big fan of Derringers. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to shoot one, but that’s mostly just because I’ve never shot one before (and because I like to shoot anything). I see no reasonable, practical point to a Derringer. Unless maybe if I had a license to carry and little to no real concealment method- something I can only imagine in my head (like trying to carry a gun in a Speedo- a strange hypothetical scenario). Then I would simply want the smallest possible firearm, regardless of practical ability, and even then I worry about exposed triggers and difficulty to shoot accurately. That being said, I don’t think anyone ever needs to rationalize or justify an unorthodox or impractical gun purchase.

The Heizer Defense DoubleTap is arguably just that- another answer to a question we never asked. Still, I see this gun as a more practical, logical evolution of the Derringer design (with a little bit of Liberator mixed in). And I think there are people that should take a second look at this. Most notably, I think this would make a great carry gun for athletes.

Athletic clothing, while great for mobility and comfort, fits too tightly to offer concealment for a firearm. This is where the DoubleTap shines. It fits in the rear jersey pocket of a cyclist, or even in a tire repair kit under the seat. It can be packed into a small Camelbak to take along on a hike. Put simply, it is perfect for carrying a firearm when you have every excuse not to carry one.

DoubleTap™ Specifications*:

Caliber:          .45 ACP, 9MM

Weight:          14 oz Titanium (empty), 12 oz Aluminum (empty)

Width:            .665 inches

Length:           5.5 inches

Height:           3.9 inches

Barrel:            3.0 inches

Frame:           Titanium or Aluminum

Aluminum: $499.00 (non-ported), $569.00 (ported)

Titanium: $729.00 (non-ported), $799.00 (ported)

Conversion Kits (Barrel Assembly and 2 HEIZER Loading Devices)

45 ACP or 9mm: $249.00 (non-ported), $319.00 (ported)

Image courtesy Armory Blog.

Heizer Defense takes your grandfather’s Derringer to the next level. It’s bigger than the typical Derringer, allowing for more control of the gun while firing. The trigger is guarded, increasing safety and peace of mind. The gun can be ordered with a ported barrel (optional) that reduces recoil and muzzle flip. It holds an additional two rounds in the grip compartment.

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5 Responses to Heizer Defense DoubleTap

  1. Great pistol. The main reason this is so desireable other than the obvious size vs caliber is the thickness. this would be a dream to pocket carry.

  2. I hate to always be negative, but what does this do that the Ruger LC9 doesn’t do? The Ruger is 3 to 5 ounces heavier and half an inch longer. The Ruger LCP is shorter and lighter, although chambered in .380 ACP.

    Please don’t misunderstand, I am all for small guns that can be hidden under casual clothing. However, there is a ‘small limit’ below which a firearm just isn’t usable. Nor do I see a need to apply ‘new technology’ to outmoded action types.

    This reminds me of the ball point pens that were guaranteed to write under water and through butter smears. Wonderful technology, but so what?

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