AK47 – The King of Guns

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One Response to AK47 – The King of Guns

  1. With all respect to Sergeant – later Lieutenant General – Dr. Mikhail Kalashnikov, the AK47 is a great weapon for general issue to troops who don’t shoot all that well and are not very familiar with mechanical devices.

    The Soviet Union looked upon most materiel as replaceable and expendable. That was as true for soldiers as it was for rifles. The AK 47 is a cheaply made rifle without attention to the subtle points of trigger pull, accuracy or pride of ownership. It served the Soviet Union and Army well, but that speaks to the doctrine of the Soviet Union more than the quality of the rifle.

    To be fair, there are rifles that are poorer in design and execution. I’m not going to list them, if you’re a shooter – and if not, why are you reading this? – you’ll have your own list and your own reasons.

    And I think well of Mikhail Kalashnikov as a designer and builder. I’d probably like him as a man.

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