Sons of Guns Drama

Red Jacket Firearms founder Will Hayden has commented on Vincent Buckles’ leaving the company on his Facebook profile:

For those that have questioned the continued technical inaccuracy, intentionally misleading language and editing, staged and scripted story, repeated safety offenses, and generally negative portrayal of gun owners, Will Hayden is officially doubling down. The cast members have repeatedly contradicted themselves, at times saying the show is pure entertainment, and other times stating that the show is an accurate portrayal of Red Jacket Firearms and its employees. has a lengthy thread that discusses why some viewers are critical of the show. Haters gonna hate, but the thread is worth reading.

I watch the show- it entertains me.

As for the status of Red Jacket Firearms, LLC., I have not yet found any public record of a conclusion to the complaint filed by Joseph Radford.

UPDATE: Since this show seems to garner a lot of attention and speculation about its authenticity (I have no idea why), I figured I might as well include this story,

Natchez’s Bruce Scarborough’s gun collection might not be as impressive as the TV show “Sons of Guns” would have you believe, but his acting skills might just give him a fallback option if he tires of his dentistry practice.

The show depicted Scarborough as the owner of a Moore .32-caliber Civil War era revolver, and he was bringing his gun down to Red Jacket Firearms in Baton Rouge, the gun shop on which the TV show centers, to see why it would not fire.

When Scarborough came back to pick up his pistol, ironically, the gunsmiths discovered a tooth was jammed inside the gun.

“I know what that is, I’m a dentist and I would recognize a tooth,” Scarborough said when they showed him the tooth on the show. “I have a hard enough time pulling these things out, I can’t imagine trying to get that in there.”

If it all sounded a little difficult to believe, it is.

It turns out that Scarborough does not own an antique pistol, he is not a gun collector, and the only reason he was put on the show is because he knows the right people and could easily get his hands on some teeth, he said.

Sorry if I just burst your bubble.

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5 Responses to Sons of Guns Drama

  1. Sean says:

    Drama or not the show has inspired me to take the steps to go to school to be a gunsmith.

  2. anon says:

    If someone can access pacer, you can find out more on the case;

  3. Laura C. says:

    I love the show. Almost every Reality Show on the air has some ‘scripted’ scenes. My Boyfriend and I like the gun builds. We are both into guns of all types and sizes. But, the builds they do, like the armored Porche, and the Zombie gun competition are flat out fun to watch! I personally love it when Stephanie gets to build and play weapons. Some days, I’m jealous of the fun she gets to have!!!

  4. P.CLARK says:

    I like to watch the show, for the guns and explosions most of the builds they do or realy nothing huge, But introducing the drama into the show makes us gunowner look overly emotional great way to show people that gun owners are nice, but oh well they find a way to ruin shows I tend to like, I wish they aired american guns more often those are some cool projects.

  5. I don’t watch that program. Not enough real guns and way too much drama. I’ve been divorced three times and spent 28 years as a federal lawman. My drama quota has been filled.

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