Petition for “Shall Issue” Concealed Carry in CA

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is starting a campaign to “secure ‘shall issue’ concealed carry for all Californians”. There have been rumors for weeks now that gun rights organizations have been collecting signatures, but this is the first I have seen of a tangible initiative. Needless to say, it’s very exciting.

The initiative petition is available online. Please help to spread the word and get as many signatures as possible!

Specific Rules for Signing and Circulating Petitions:

  • All petition circulators must be registered to vote or eligible to register to vote in California.
  • All petition signers must be registered to vote in California. If you are not currently registered to vote, you may sign the petition after your have filled out and sent in a voter registration form.
  • Each section (copy) of the petition must be signed only by individuals registered to vote in the same county. If you are gathering signatures in more than one county, please circulate separate copies of the petition in each county.

Instructions for Signing the Petition:

  • Use blue or black ink when signing or filling in any of the blank fields on the petition.
  • Write your county in the highlighted blank field above the signature blocks.
  • Write your full name (exactly as you are registered to vote), residence address, city and zip code in the first signature block, and sign your name right below your printed name.
  • You must witness each person as he or she signs the petition. Although each petition has four signature blocks, you may submit petitions signed by fewer than four people.
  • Fill in and sign the “Declaration of Circulator” on the petition that you circulated (even if no one else signed the petition). Please make sure you fill in all of the highlighted blank fields in this section.


Front Sight
7975 Cameron Drive #900
Windsor, CA 95492

UPDATE: Seems there are some issues with the petition, and Calguns is vocally opposing it.

UPDATE: The petition has been withdrawn.

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2 Responses to Petition for “Shall Issue” Concealed Carry in CA

  1. I left the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of California in 2010, just after I retired. The current legislation – both mentioned in this article and not mentioned – is one of the reasons I left.

    I’m not registered in PDSR Ca anymore, so I can’t join in this, but I wish you all well and pray for your success in cleaning up the mess there. It could be a decent place to live, if…

    • savethegun says:

      Ultimately, the courts are likely the best way to remedy the situation, though I still have some hope in the people of California. If there was only a way to combat the tremendous amounts of resources the public employee unions have (as they will likely actively oppose the bill), there would be a much better chance of this passing. As it is now, it’s basically tyranny of the majority.

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