TSD Combat Systems CQB AK

Image courtesy TSD Combat Systems.

TSD Combat Systems (the people behind the Insurgent Combat Rifle and the AR-12) has released their CQB Kalashnikov and it’s one mean looking rifle. It’s available in 7.62x39mm and 5.45x39mm, and has a 14″ barrel with fixed AAC Blackout  51T Flash Hider (OAL 16″). A Midwest Industries extended handguard, Vltor stock adapter, Magpul CTR buttstock, and US Palm grip round out the package. The gun is shipped with either a US Palm AK30 magazine or 45 round Bulgarian magazine (depending on caliber). TSD installs and tunes a Red Star Arms trigger kit.

Image courtesy TSD Combat Systems.

A new handguard top cover designed for a low-mount optic, and a nice low profile red dot sight, like the Aimpoint Micro T-1, would make this gun really shine (example below).

Image courtesy US Palm.

Credit: Advanced Armament Blog.

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4 Responses to TSD Combat Systems CQB AK

  1. $1685? At a casual glance, that’s over twice the going price on a ‘regular’ (if such a thing exists anymore) AK47 based rifle or carbine. Just between you and me, do you think this thing is over twice as ‘good’ (by whatever standards one chooses) as any of the countless other versions?

    A friend of mine recently purchased a Saiga rifle in the politically correct non pistol grip format. Other than the trigger pull of between 20 and 300 pounds, it strikes me as being fairly useful in the nature of this sort of rifle.

    I suppose I’m just being overly picky or an over achiever, but I’ve grown up with the idea a rifle or carbine should be able to hit an opponent at least 250 yards away, and preferably 500. Although, I haven’t fired a shot at anyone over 250 yards out in – oh, such a long time.

    Still, for that much money I could buy an M-1A. I’ve got an M1 Carbine that functions as a close up ‘entry’ weapon (even if I don’t make entries anymore) and it cost less. I suppose this is what makes horse races, though. God forbid everyone think exactly like I do.

    • savethegun says:

      I tend to agree with you- at that price it just can’t compete with an M1A. That being said, there’s an asshole for every seat, and I’m sure someone will buy it. I’d like to buy a Saiga, convert it to pistol grip myself, and build it similarly. I really like the parts combination, and it’s a damn good looking AK.
      Here’s the parts breakdown (roughly):
      Saiga = $350
      MI handguard = $150
      TWS Dog Leg rail = $150
      Magpul CTR = $75
      Vltor stock adapter = $90
      AAC Blackout flash hider = $100
      US Palm grip = $30
      US Palm magazine = $30
      Red Star Arms trigger = $70

      So figure it costs around $1,050 to build one yourself- but remember that does NOT include the pistol grip conversion, shortening the barrel and permanently attaching the flash suppressor (the front sight has to be moved as well), or 922(r) compliance costs. Is it a lot of money for an AK? Most definitely. Is it worth the money? I don’t know, but I think it’s a fair price for what you get.

  2. Looks clean. Any reports on how well it shoots? The AK-47 has never been known as ‘accurate’ by U. S. standards. Will it deliver multiple rounds on a silhouette target at 500 yards?

    Just for me, I prefer the real butt stock instead of the folder.

    Any word on price?

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