Hidden Handcuff Keys

SayUncle has a link to a paracord bracelet with a plastic handcuff key buckle.

The linked CNET article features Kevin Mitnick, the hacker turned security consultant that also offers lockpicking business cards.

I like the concept of a hidden handcuff key in a paracord bracelet. ITS Tactical and Zombie Squad have really gotten me interested in taking an Urban Escape and Evasion course (like one offered by onPoint Tactical LLC). In addition to the bracelet, handcuff keys can be stashed in belts with hidden compartments (like this TOPS Knives SERE Belt):

Image courtesy TOPS Knives.

A zipper pull handcuff key is offered by Shomer-Tec that is also very innovative:

Here are some other interesting and innovative (albeit uncomfortable) ideas for stashing escape and evasion equipment on your person.

ITS Tactical’s youtube channel has a number of tutorials on how to break out of plastic restraints:

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