Alton Brown is the Man

I’ve always been a fan of Good Eats. I like how Alton Brown details the history of the dishes he makes and the ingredients he uses, and his personality makes it much more interesting than the average cooking show.

Yes, that’s right my friends. Alton Brown is a gun enthusiast. And he has a SCAR 17, an H&K P30, a Kahr, and a Kimber 1911. And a few dozen others. Awesome.

Let me say it again, Alton Brown is the man.

Credit: On the Firing Lines.

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3 Responses to Alton Brown is the Man

  1. fgsfds says:

    Alton Brown will leave entry and exit woulds like no tomorrow.

    Then smatter them with kosher salt because he is a gentleman and doesn’t want you to develop infections

  2. gunrightsattorneys says:

    Not only can he cook, but he can also shoot.

  3. Ruth says:

    You know, having watched Good Eats that doesn’t surprise me.

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