Sucks to be a Civilian

I blogged earlier about the difference between civilians and law enforcement officers in California. Well, now it seems those privileged police officers don’t want to give up their guns when they return to civilian life.

The proposed legislation is still being written but likely would allow officers to re-register their weapons once they retire, similar to the registrations required for those who owned assault rifles before California’s ban became law in 1999.

This proposed legislation would eliminate the requirement to give up registered “assault weapons” upon retirement, effectively creating a permanent exemption for law enforcement officers for life.

The group successfully lobbied for the exemption that was added to state law in 2001, which allowed individual officers to buy semiautomatic assault weapons.

Cottingham said the intent was to let officers buy weapons their departments could not afford as a way of keeping up with criminals’ increasing firepower. The intention was that officers have the weapons available for law enforcement emergencies around the clock, whether they were on- or off- duty, he said.

Cottingham said retired officers still could use their assault weapons to battle criminals or terrorists in an emergency.

Not too much fun being a civilian, is it?

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