CA’s Two-Class Society

I complain a lot about California’s ridiculous, nonsensical, and arbitrary gun laws. My latest complaint is about the two-class society that CA has created. I’m referring to unjustly different gun laws for citizens and law enforcement officers.

Don’t like having your magazines restricted to 10 rounds? Just become a cop and go get yourself any capacity magazine you want!

Don’t like CA’s “assault weapon” ban? Just join the Department of Fish and Game and buy as many “assault weapons” as you like!

Want a gun not listed on the CA Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale? Just join the local campus P.D. and get yourself something presumed to be “unsafe” by the CA DOJ!

You see, law enforcement officers in CA don’t have to abide by the same rules as ordinary citizens. Specifically, they can buy any capacity magazine they want, “assault weapons” normally illegal to the public, and handguns not approved by the CA DOJ.

The argument against full-capacity magazines is always the same: sensationalist stories about mass shootings paint the gun as the problem. The talking points are familiar: you don’t need a 30 round magazine to kill a deer. While that argument fails in more ways than I care to address, it does bring up an interesting idea. If larger than 10 round capacity magazines are only used for creating mass casualties, why would police need them?

The “assault weapon” ban is just plain dumb. I’ve covered the stupidity and senselessness of that piece of legislation comprehensively. But assuming the guns they arbitrarily banned were as dangerous as they claimed, why would we want the police to have those either?

The DOJ approved handgun list exemption is comical. CA has arbitrarily decided certain handguns are so dangerous that they cannot legally be sold new to civilians. Are these guns any more dangerous than the guns sold in the other 49 states? Of course not, but let’s again assume that were true. Why would we want “dangerous” guns in the hands of anyone, let alone law enforcement officers that would potentially use them on a daily basis?

Update: Listing by agency.

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