Police Chiefs and Gun Control

The Daily Beast has a frustratingly misleading article that largely demonizes gun owners and perpetuates myths. There’s an interesting quote from some legislative officer at the International Association of Chiefs of Police:

Gene Voegtlin, legislative officer at the International Association of Chiefs of Police, is grim when he describes the situation. His group supports the Fix Gun Checks Act, as well as the reinstatement of the ban on assault weapons, which expired in 2004 and which President Obama pledged as a candidate to push for. But Obama has since backed away from the ban, and except for a flurry of chatter in Congress after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot, Voegtlin says, “There’s really nothing moving.” Well, not quite nothing, he catches himself. “The only thing that’s moving is HR 822, the national concealed carry law, which would make the situation far worse.” That bill, which passed the House last month, would make a concealed-weapons permit in any state valid in almost every other, effectively nationalizing the laxest law. “We have limited resources, unlike some organizations on the other side of this debate,” says Voegtlin, “so we have to focus our efforts. For the past 10 years we’ve been on the defensive.”

I can’t help but wonder why the International Association of Chiefs of Police has a gun control agenda. I’m also confused at why they need a “legislative officer”. Voegtlin says the IACP has limited resources, but they clearly have no shortage of funding in the payroll department. I always find it sad to see law enforcement officers that succumb to the ideology of the police state, and misguidedly adopt gun control advocacy.

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One Response to Police Chiefs and Gun Control

  1. This group follows the cultural theory that only agents of the government and criminals ‘need’ guns. All others are victims. After all, they’re victims; for what possible purpose do they need guns?

    As a retired federal officer and having many friends who are active duty and retired lawmen of one type or another, the rank and file officers are usually pro-gun ownership or neutral. It is primarily when one is in a management position – or attempting to be promoted into management – one becomes anti. That’s not a perfect rule, but it’s pretty common.

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