Fiocchi Canned Heat .45 ACP

I was recently contacted by about doing an ammunition review. They offered to send me a box of ammunition in return for an honest review and a link to their website. I was just glad to get a box of ammo for free.

I primarily shoot .223/5.56mm and .45 ACP. It was only natural to ask for a box of one or the other. I quickly noticed the site has a fairly simple search function, just choose your caliber and the results are displayed. The .45 ACP ammunition section (like all other calibers) can be sorted by price, brand, count, weight, or cost per round. Needless to say, they make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Seeing as my readers are mostly friends of mine, I figured I’d try something I’ve had some of my friends ask me about: Fiocchi Canned Heat. Canned Heat is hermetically sealed in metal cans, and desiccant is included to prevent rust, deterioration, and moisture. This makes it perfectly suited for preppers/survivalists and anyone looking for stable long-term ammunition storage.

My experience with Fiocchi Canned Heat was very straightforward. I requested 50 rounds of Fiocchi Canned Heat in .45 ACP (230 grain FMJ bullet- 830 fps advertised) to run through my Glock 21SF. It performed adequately for FMJ ammunition, feeding reliably and posting acceptable groups. The packaging is innovative but straightforward- this method has been used for decades.

What makes Fiocchi’s Canned Heat such a winner is the price point. Long-term ammunition storage solutions can be complicated and expensive. Fiocchi removes the guesswork and delivers a product at a price that competes with many boxed ammunition brands. This makes Canned Heat a great option for suburban preppers and those looking for a quick fix to a complex problem.

The bottom line is this: Canned Heat is a great alternative to regular boxed hardball ammunition and provides a long-term storage solution without breaking the bank. It’s not for everybody, but there is no question that there is a large market for products of this nature. I recommend this ammunition for the reasons stated and will purchase more in the future.

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