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BLM Gets Political

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is looking to reduce public access to Bureau land. The reduction in access would only apply to shooting sports activities. According to the Department of the Interior, “It’s not so much a safety issue. … Continue reading

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Akdal MKA 1919

While poking around at images of the TSD AR-12, I stumbled across the Akdal MKA 1919. This is the host gun that TSD modifies. It is made in Turkey by Ucyildiz Arms. It is a gas-operated, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, 12 gauge … Continue reading

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TSD Combat Systems AR-12 Shotgun

I had never heard of the TSD Combat Systems AR-12 Shotgun until I found it on WARRIOR TALK NEWS. It looks like a pretty cool alternative to the Saiga-12. From the TSD Combat Systems website: We received the first sample … Continue reading

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Brian Terry’s Case Disappeared

Brian Terry‘s murder investigation case has apparently disappeared from court records: The case against the alleged killers of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry has disappeared from federal court records, apparently sealed by a federal judge. Why? Nobody is saying. Asked … Continue reading

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Guns You Can’t Have in CA (Part 1)

I have decided to start a new series of posts about guns I like but cannot own in CA. Since I’m on some inexplicable rimfire mood lately, here’s the Ruger 22/45 Threaded Barrel: Ruger’s venture into tactical rimfire handgun territory … Continue reading

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The Vet & The n00b

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Travis Haley is Back!

Travis Haley (Haley Strategic Partners, LLC) is back with a video called Make Ready With Travis Haley: Adaptive Handgun: Here is his detailed discussion of what he carries in his “go bag”: And in his most recent video, he partners … Continue reading

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Competitive Shooting Goes Mainstream

NBC Sports has a new show called Hot Shots coming out in January, 2012. It features Patrick Flanagan, Jerry Miculek, Dave Sevigny, KC Eucebio, and Randy Oitker. My initial impression of the trailer is that it will be good for … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Hangover Cure?

Warrior Wound Care (WWC) has a new rapid rehydration product called the ORAL I.V. that I ran across on Bravo Company USA. The idea has been tried countless times. But WWC claims theirs is better than any before. Supposedly the … Continue reading

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Tactical Machining Now Offering Hydrocoating

Tactical Machining, famous for 80% AR lower receivers and machining jigs, has entered the firearms finishing services market. The process (featured here) works great on sophisticated camouflage patterns that would otherwise be extremely difficult to spray on. They currently offer … Continue reading

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