TSD Combat Systems AR-12 Shotgun

Image courtesy TSD Combat Systems.

I had never heard of the TSD Combat Systems AR-12 Shotgun until I found it on WARRIOR TALK NEWS. It looks like a pretty cool alternative to the Saiga-12. From the TSD Combat Systems website:

We received the first sample of this shotgun some months ago and gave it to our technical department to work with. After they delivered it back to us for testing we ran several thousand rounds of various loads through it with complete reliability.  Like modern semi auto shotguns, it has a dislike for light loads and functions best with heavier birdshot, or with any buckshot or slugs.

Its handling characteristics provide for extreme speed and quick shot to shot recovery.  Those already accustomed to the M4 series of rifles will find the AR-12 a very familiar system.   It utilizes a conventional gas-operated action with a ring-type gas piston.  The piston is located around the support tube that runs below the barrel. The return spring is also located around the same tube, which is concealed by enlarged polymer handguards.

The barrel is quick-removable from the upper receiver.  Barrel locking is achieved by tilting locking piece inside the bolt, which engages the barrel extension. The charging handle is attached to the bolt and projects on the right side of the receiver. This last is the only departure from the M4 lines.  The upper receiver is manufactured from aluminum alloy.  The lower receiver, along with the integral pistol grip and butt stock, are manufactured as one piece from impact-resistant polymer.

The AR-12 shotgun uses a detachable box magazine of 5 rounds.  These magazines are quite strong and robust not giving us any problems in dynamic exercises.  While there may be higher capacity magazines made at some point, the US Government does not want any of the guns imported with magazines of higher capacity than five rounds. One can only hope that whichever company makes the first magazine is on a quest for excellence rather than on the race to the bottom.

The TSD AR-12 is first stripped down to its component parts.  The barrel is cut and a muzzle brake/flash hider/breeching device added giving a total overall length of 18.5”.  The barrel has some proprietary treatments internally to provide for a uniform pattern and reduced recoil.  A front sight unit is added to accept any M4 front sights. The internals recive the TSD AquaTerra™ treatment for lubricity and reliability.  The stock is shortened for speed and comfort.  Finally the weapon is finished in Cerakote.

The end result is a semi automatic shotgun built on the M4 pattern, with the reliability of an AK-47. Made to be exceptional from the moment we open the shipping box, the AR-12 will undoubtedly set the new paradigm for the fighting shotgun in the 21st century.

Image courtesy One Source Tactical.

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