Competitive Shooting Goes Mainstream

NBC Sports has a new show called Hot Shots coming out in January, 2012. It features Patrick Flanagan, Jerry Miculek, Dave Sevigny, KC Eucebio, and Randy Oitker. My initial impression of the trailer is that it will be good for the shooting sports community and for gun rights activists as well. I like that Miculek is featured with an AR. Any time I see guns on TV, and they’re being shown in a positive light, I get excited.

All it takes is positive exposure to firearms to change perception. I have heard the argument that “assault rifles” are unnecessary, and high-capacity magazines serve no purpose other than mass murder. Or that ARs and AKs should be banned because they are not used in competitive shooting or hunting. There is literally discrimination against what some believe are “evil black rifles”. It is almost always an emotional argument and the Bill of Rights is either not mentioned, or discarded as irrelevant.

Generally, people either are willing to discuss the issue, or have already made up their minds. But the impressions they see on television can impact their views, even if only subconsciously. When they see a shooter use an AR in a 3-gun match, they associate “evil black rifles” with competitive shooting. This marginalizes the “evil black rifle” (“assault rifle”) category, and helps to eliminate arbitrary classification by self-righteous lawmakers.

Credit: Everyday No Days Off.

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