Assault Pistol Rifles (APR)

Pre-production image courtesy

I ran across the Silver Shadow Gilboa PDW via SayUncle. Silver Shadow calls it an Assault Pistol Rifle (APR). It reminded me so much of the Rock River Arms LAR-PDS Pistol that I thought it was worth noting. I guess the APR trend is a PDW-type weapon that can be made into an SBR in places where allowed.

Image courtesy Rock River Arms.

I am liking the trend toward guns that nearly replicate NFA weapons, yet still avoid NFA registry. This gun seems to loosely follow that trend, although admittedly it is only distinguished from a typical AR pistol by the side cocking charging handle and recoil assembly that permits folding stocks (and thus has no exposed buffer tube).

In terms of the Gilboa, it seems to offer little more than Rock River’s PDS Pistol currently offers. But for states that permit SBRs, this APR category is an interesting choice. And since the recoil system is integrated into the receiver, these APR-type weapons can have side folding stocks, rear sling attachment, variations thereof, or none whatsoever.

Update: DoubleTapper has a review:

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