More Mexican Narco Violence

From Yahoo! News:

Masked gunmen killed at least 53 people at a casino in northern Mexico on Thursday, leaving it ablaze with patrons trapped inside in one of the worst attacks in a major Mexican city in years.

Analysts and officials said the brazen assault had all the hallmarks of drug cartels that have plunged Monterrey and other parts of Mexico into a spiral of violence.

A survivor said the armed men burst into the Casino Royale in the prosperous industrial city of Monterrey on Thursday afternoon and threatened gamblers before spraying gasoline on the carpets and setting it on fire.

What a tragedy. These deaths underscore the notion that guns are a critical part of the fundamental human right to self-defense (they are effective at stopping crime!). If only a few of those people had been armed, they could have resisted.

National security spokesman Alejandro Poire said the government would do everything in its power to stop the violence and capture those responsible for the casino attack.

Yeah, how about relaxing Mexican gun laws and allowing unlicensed carry so the people can fight back? Police, by nature, are a reactionary force. To really stop crime, the people must be able to protect themselves.

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