DTA SRS Covert Sniper Rifle Chassis

The Desert Tactical Arms (DTA) SRS Covert Sniper Rifle takes the Stealth Recon Scout (SRS) concept and shortens it, leading to an overall length of 26″ (with a 16″ barrel). While only available in .308 Winchester, both the SRS Covert conversion kit, and the standard SRS conversion kit are compatible with this chassis.

Caliber .308 Win
Length .308 Win: 26 in – 27 ½ in
Weight with Conversion Kit .308 Win: 10 lb
Effective Range .308 Win: 800 yd
Barrel Length .308 Win: 16 in
Rate of Twist .308 Win – 1 in 8 in
Trigger Pull 3 lb Fully Adjustable

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2 Responses to DTA SRS Covert Sniper Rifle Chassis

  1. Alessio says:

    Hi there, I really appreciate this blog and in particular the pictures of this post.

    I am a visual effects artist, actually based in London, at Escape Studios. I found the secon picture of this post really interesting for a project that I am working on (inspiring to this ones http://www.nerdo.tv/site/works/50/DISCOVERY+3.0/).

    The only limitation that I have is the size of the image. If it would be possible to have the same image, but at bigger or original resolution it would be great.

    If you can help me I will put the name of the blog in the credits.

    Many thanks, hoping for a reply.

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