Lead Ammunition Ban Update

CalGunLaws.com has an update on the taxpayer-funded research into the effects of lead ammunition on wildlife in California. It seems the researchers are actively obstructing efforts to make the data public. C. D. Michel writes:

National Rifle Association (“NRA”) and the California Rifle and Pistol Association Foundation (“CRPAF”) representatives made presentations to the California Fish and Game Commission (“Commission”) at its June 30, 2011 meeting in Stockton, California. The presentations revealed the numerous obstacles frustrating the NRA/CRPAF’s pursuit of underlying data behind taxpayer funded “research” that is being used to advocate proposed lead ammunition bans in California and in other states.

The information behind these research studies must be critically evaluated to determine the legitimacy of claims being used to support lead ammunition bans. But despite being paid for with scarce taxpayer dollars, the data is not being made publically available. This lack of transparency has limited meaningful participation by NRA, CRPAF, or the general public in this important regulatory policy debate.

Full article available here.

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