Roth Concept Innovations XRAIL

Tommy Thacker of the FNH USA Shooting Team shooting a custom 26" barreled FN SLP with clear polycarbonate XRAIL magazine extension system (full version) from RCI. The magazine capacity is increased to 22+1 rounds (2 3/4" only). Photo courtesy FNH USA.

The XRAIL by RCI is available for the following applications:

Benelli Super Black Eagle, Super Black Eagle II, M1, M2, M2 Tactical

FN SLP Mark 1

Mossberg 930 series

Remington 870, 11-87, 1100, Versa Max

Winchester SX3

Pictured is the black combination XRAIL (with both compact and full length tube housings) for an FN SLP Mark 1- $1,049 from XRAIL by RCI.

An XRAIL System loads the same way you would normally load your gun.  Once the main tube is full, you rotate the XRAIL System to the next auxiliary tube and load.  You repeat until all tubes are full.   When you shoot, the tubes will automatically rotate back to the main tube as the ammunition is unloaded.  The XRAIL System is flexible enough to be “topped off” or if not needed, you do not have to fill the auxiliary tubes and just use the main tube like you would normally use your shotgun

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