Sig Sauer SIG516 Models

While I already covered the SIG516 Patrol in an earlier post, Sig Sauer has expanded the SIG516 model line to include more rifles. From the Sig Sauer website and the Sig 516 press release:

SIG 516 Patrol

The SIG516 Patrol Rifle offers the reliability and accuracy of SIG SAUER® in a size that doesn’t require NFA registration. The 16” mil-spec M4 profile barrel provides improved ballistics for the 5.56mm NATO round. In addition to the 16” patrol rifle previously offered, SIG SAUER now offers the SIG516 in a variety of barrel lengths and configurations. All SIG516 rifles now come standard with Magpul® stocks and pistol grips, and continue to accept MIL-STD magazines, including the latest polymer designs. A free-floating aluminum M1913 quad rail allows users to customize their kit with lights, lasers, grips or any other accessory.

SIG516 Precision Marksman

The SIG516 Precision Marksman sports an 18” heavy HBAR barrel and a two-stage match trigger for optimal accuracy. Featuring a fixed Magpul PRS® stock and MIAD® grip, the Precision Marksman is ideal for squad designated marksmen and law enforcement snipers.


The SIG516 Sport Configuration Model (SCM) complies to some restricted states (check with your state for restrictions). It ships with a 10 round magazine.

SIG 516 Basic Patrol Model

This SIG516 Basic Patrol Model (BPM), features a polymer handguard and telescoping stock.

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2 Responses to Sig Sauer SIG516 Models

  1. Bob says:

    I bought one. No regrets.

  2. Gracie says:

    I have this gun and love it!

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