Mexican Narco Violence Inspires Firearm Policy Change

From the Associated Press,

Ramon Almonte, the Guerrero state police chief, said on Monday he will ask the federal congress to make it easier for common citizens to get permits for weapons to defend themselves.

Almonte’s brother was killed on Jan. 1 in a rural town in Guerrero by unidentified gunmen. The state has been plagued by such executions.

“When you fight someone and at least you have a ‘piece,’ the person who is attacking you might think twice,” Almonte said. “We cannot go on the way we are.”

At present, Mexico’s constitution allows citizens to have one or two low-caliber guns in their homes, but they must get a permit from the Defense Department and the process is complicated. Almonte did not give specifics on how he would make it easier.

“Having a weapon should be a right, because the bad guys are few and we, the good guys, are many, so we can’t allow ourselves to be held hostage by the few,” Almonte said.

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2 Responses to Mexican Narco Violence Inspires Firearm Policy Change

  1. Alberto says:

    He’s right. We can’t let them have the advantage of doing this in Mexico, we have the right to keep a weapon with us. (El tiene la razon, no les dejaremos de que tengan la ventaja de hacernos esto en Mexico. Nosotros tenemos el derecho de tener una arma con nosotros! Pinche narcos de mierda, piensa que uds. hijos de puta van a seguir con la violencia en Mexico, eh!? Se equivocan pinche mamahuevos!)

    • savethegun says:

      Alberto, por favor, no ponga malas palabras en mi blog. Pero, tiene usted razon, los civiles Mexicanos deben tener el derecho de tener una arma con ellos.

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