Crovel, the Ultimate E-Tool

The Crovel is a U.S. made e-tool that offers the functions of over 13 tools.

It is being sold through Gear Up Outdoor and Survival Center for $85.

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2 Responses to Crovel, the Ultimate E-Tool

  1. Danny Perkins says:

    Where can I order the crovel extreme.

  2. Body Pump Girl says:

    I held this briliant new invention: Crovel. It’s a beast. As a Body Pump girl, I totally fell in love with it at sight. It’s not just made in USA but also locally invented and made in Scottsdale, AZ by an expert survivalist (I’m a big time supporter of local businesses). National Geographic just came to town twice to film this beefy beast. Two Crovels were given away free at the Scottsdale Jeep Jamboree 2 weeks ago & people went nuts on that. There’s only one pink Crovel in the entire planet specially made for Mandi of Zurvived. I’m not too keen on the color pink but I’m aiming to own a titanium one (super light & super strong) in my car for who knows what’s gonna happen on the road and when I go hiking & camping.

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